2016 Lexus GX Redesign and Price

For all the fans who were eagerly expecting it, 2016 Lexus GX will soon be revealed to the world. It will be modernized and improved.

Exterior design and improvements of 2016 Lexus GX

2016 Lexus GX is a midsize SUV which will show great possibilities both in on and off road driving. It will appear with restyled exterior and many changes compared to the current model. First of all, it will show up much lighter. It is because of the usage of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum etc. Therefore, automaker has made it more aerodynamic and more fuel efficient. Its dimensions will remain pretty much the same. As far as the exterior design is concerned, it will have more stylish appearance. It will look powerful and masculine. The front end will have large, redesigned grille decorated with chrome stripes. The headlamps will be equipped with LED technology for excellent visibility. It will have bigger wheels as well. It will be offered with more exterior colors.

2016 Lexus GX front

Design of interior and technology

When we take a look inside the new 2016 Lexus GX, the first thing we will notice is its spacious cabin. So, it is a great choice for families. It is able to place seven passengers. All the occupants will enjoy the ride with plenty of leg and headroom. The seats are comfortable and upholstered in leather. Speaking of tech features, it will be equipped with latest infotainment and safety systems. Some of them are navigation, large display on the dash, Bluetooth etc.

2016 Lexus GX cabin

Powertrain and transmission

It is still under the question what type of engine will power this brand new model. According to the rumors, it will be a 3.5-liter V8 engine. This engine is capable to produce 306 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque. As for the transmission, it will be paired with either 6- or 8-speed gearbox. It will be available as front and all-wheel drive model.

2016 Lexus GX rear

Release date and price

We expect to see 2016 Lexus GX on the market in late 2015 or maybe even in early 2016. Its base price is predicted to be around $50,000.


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